Press Releases: New Friends 2016

Hookie at New Friends 2016 congress
November 2, 2016
Look, Hookie is on TV!
December 15, 2016

Se está celebrando en la Salle el Congreso de Robótica Social. En la imagen el robot Hookie para personas autistas. Foto David Airob


Press Releases: New Friends 2016


After the success of Hookie at the New Friends 2016 congress, getting a second place on the vote of the public to the best social robot, we want to do a little compilation of the press releases that have been appearing in the different mass media.

We were very happy to see the warm welcome to Hookie from the public and the different media, following we list the links, where you can also see the different projects that took part at the congress:

¡We hope you enjoy them!