• OOP is the new way to get rid of all the keyrings and keys you carry with you. Thanks to the NFC application for Android and the locks with NFC technology and WiFi, the control and management of all your keys has been made even easier.

    Our team designed and developed the first functional prototype of this product, in conjunction with the Android App and secure access, storage and database management system for up to 100 concurrent users.

  • Client
    Obra Social "La Caixa"

    The CosmoCaixa, part of Social Work "LaCaixa", was interested in introducing educational robotics as part of its workshops. From Dyna Tech 2012 we proposed a workshop for the little ones to learn how to program the robot PLEO dinosaur and could see the different reactions of these before their own eyes.

    Our team designed and developed software for both PC and Mac OS and designed and trained the staff meant to deliver this type of didactic activities. Workshops and sessions around this concept have been given and carried out in the CosmoCaixa, part of "La Caixa" Social Work in Barcelona.

  • Client
    Brodas Bros

    The hip-hop company Brodas Bros wanted to disguise themselves as robots for their performances, and that these robots had, why not, colored lights and screens showing images.

    Our team developed all the hardware that is included in each costume, from the configuration and the implementation of the system of synchronization to the second of the music with the illumination of the costumes. In addition, we have also developed apps for iPad and iPod touch that show different sequences of images synonymous with synchronization with lighting and music.