OOP for Android
April 1, 2013
Brodas Bros BR2
September 1, 2012
  • TaskSoftware development and design of didactic activities and the training for the staff

Software for didactic activities with children that allows the programming of different emotions and reactions to the robot PLEO in front of different stimuli.

Through a simple and intuitive interface that children can decide through which sense PLEO detects a circumstance and how it will react to. So you can learn for example that there are some combinations that can never be given, such as, for example, that the robot detects darkness by touch, thus learning some senses.

Once the desired combination is chosen, and with the use of an SD card, the behavior is transferred to the robot and the children can observe the changes regarding the normal behavior of the dinosaur.

Our team designed and developed software for both PC and Mac OS and designed and trained the staff meant to deliver this type of didactic activities. Workshops and sessions around this concept have been carried out in the CosmoCaixa, part of “La Caixa” Social Work in Barcelona.