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November 1, 2012
  • TaskDesign and development of hardware, software and web backend

OOP is the new way to get rid of all the keyrings and keys you carry with you. Thanks to the NFC application for Android and the locks with NFC technology and Wi-Fi, the control and management of all your keys is now even easier.

Our team has designed and developed the first functional prototype of this product, in conjunction with the Android App and secure access, storage, and database management system for up to 100 concurrent users.

OOP App features are:

  • It allows you to create and organize all your NFC virtual keys in fully customizable key chains
  • You can log the activity of a particular NFC key and check which users can access that gate
  • It allows you to open the door just by bringing your smartphone closer to the OOP lock
  • The management of virtual NFC keys is based on user-administrator roles, and any user can ask permission to open an OOP lock with only approaching the lock with his/her smartphone.
  • The administrator will only have to follow a simple two-click process to give access to any user.

OOP NFC locks are equipped with motion and pressure sensors, which will detect if anyone is attempting to violently force access and will immediately notify the lock manager.

The OOP system is fully hosted in the cloud, where all information is managed and stored safely so that both locks and smartphones can access from anywhere with Internet access.