Programming emotions
November 1, 2012

Brodas Bros BR2

  • TaskDesarrollo del harware de los trajes BR2, configuración y puesta en marcha del sistema de música y desarrollo de la Apps para iPad e iPod Touch incorporados en los trajes.

Different and original project, it is a different work from what is done in a normal day-to-day engineering.

The hip-hop company Brodas Bros wanted to disguise themselves as robots for their performances, and that these robots had, why not, colored lights and screens showing images.

Each of the dancers’ suits consists of 16 channels of RGB light, allowing each of the body parts to take any color independent of the rest of the parts.

In addition to this, each suit incorporates an iPad on the torso and various iPods Touch on the helmet. Through the same software, where the light of the costumes and music is synchronized and programmed, the app developed specially for them is also synchronized, showing, from different colors to images, even videos.

Apart from the dancers’ costumes, the dancers also enjoy light suits made for them. These are simpler outfits for RGB channels, but they mix this technology with different electro-luminescent cables that make their costumes also spectacular and impressive.

Todo esto con la facilidad que tiene poder sincronizar todas las luces, música, imágenes y vídeos desde un mismo programa y ordenador, haciéndolos formar parte de su coreografía.

Since Dyna Tech 2012 we were in charge of the design and integration of all the hardware that is included in each costume and the configuration and the implementation of the system of synchronization of the music with the illumination of the costumes. In addition, we have also developed apps for iPad and iPod touch that show the different sequences of images syncronized with lighting and the music.

Here there is a video of part of the BR2 show:

Link: Brodas Bros Hip-Hop company website

Link: BR2 Show